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A feedbackfromexternalsources b datainput c

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Unformatted text preview: ata to a ledger 4) Which step below is not considered to be part of the data processing cycle? A) Feedback from external sources B) Data input C) Data processing D) Data storage 5) The ________ handles the link between the way data are physically stored and each userʹs logical view of that data. A) database administrator B) data warehouse C) database management system software D) schema 6) Schemas are used in designing database systems. A set of individual user views of the database is called the __________. A low - level view of the database that describes how the data are actually stored and accessed is the __________. The schema that provides an organization - wide view of the entire database is known as the __________. A) internal- level schema; external - level schema; conceptual- level schema B) external- level schema; conceptual- level schema; internal- level schema C) conceptual - level schema; external - level schema; internal- level schema D) external- level schema; internal- level schema; conceptual- level schema...
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