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B byconsolidatingalldatainonedatabase c

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Unformatted text preview: 1 7) Separating the logical and physical views in a database allows the programmers to concentrate on coding the application logic A) since they do not have to focus on the physical location and layouts of various data items. B) by consolidating all data in one database. C) by identifying physical location and layouts of various data items. D) by providing pointers to data items regardless of physical location. 8) The ________ contains information about the structure of the database. A) database management system B) data definition language C) data warehouse D) data dictionary 9) A DBMS must provide a way to define, manipulate, and query data in a database. This is accomplished by the use of three different languages. The language that is used to provide the function of data maintenance in a DBMS is D) DDL. B) DML. C) Report writer. A) DQL. 10) The attribute that can uniquely ide...
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