B classifiesdataintorelationshipsentitiesandaccounts

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Unformatted text preview: ntify a specific row in a table is the ______, and the ______ is an atribute in a table that is a ______ in another table. A) foreign key; primary key; foreign key B) foreign key; primary key; logical key C) primary key; foreign key; primary key D) primary key; foreign key; logical key 11) The REA data model A) is used in many areas of business and science. B) classifies data into relationships, entities and accounts. C) was developed solely for use in designing accounting information systems. D) All of the above 12) REA diagrams for different organizations may be similar, but will likely result in different relationship cardinalities because of A) different methods of drawing REA diagrams B) different designers of REA diagrams C) differences in business policies D) rules in drawing REA diagrams 13) An integrated REA diagram merges multiple copies of ________ and ________ entities but retains multiple copies of ________...
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