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Unformatted text preview: determine which date ʹ Cyclone Fall Color TShirt Inc.ʹ paid for the service named ʹIFRS Consultingʹ received in October 6, 2010. (Note: Service description is ʹIFRS Consultingʹ). 4 21) Use the following revenue cycle information to develop an REA diagram with both minimum and maximum cardinalities for all relationships. (15 point totals) Cyclone Swimming Caps (CSC) inc. is a thriving retailer selling unique swim caps in several Midwestern cities. Salespersons for CSC record information about each sale. Each sale may involve several products. The company grants all customers 30 days to pay except those customers who purchase black and gold Herky caps. CSC records information about all new products offered. CSC may record information about customers before the first sale and information about employees immediately when they...
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