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Unformatted text preview: rsement CheckNo, Amount, CheckDate, AccountNo, EmployeeNo, VendorNo Employee EmployeeNo, Name, SSN, Position, Address, City, State, Zip, Tel Service ServiceNo, ServiceType, Description ServiceAcquisition AcquisitionNo, AcquisitionDate, AcquisitionCost, ServiceNo, EmployeeNo, VendorNo Vendor VendorNo, VendorName, VendorAddress, VendorCity, VendorState, VendorZip, VendorTel ServiceAcquisition_CashDisbursement AcquisitionNo, CheckNo, DiscountReceived 18) Write a SQL query to calculate the total dollar amount and average dollar amount of all cash disbursement in September 2010. (Note: September has 30 days.) 19) Write a SQL query to show employee name and the total acquisition cost of all services acquired by each employee from Gilbert, Iowa in August 2010. (Note:August has 31 days.) 20) Write a SQL query to...
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