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Unformatted text preview: are hired even if they are not trained yet to perform their duties. CSC allows customers to send in one check to cover multiple sales but requires customers to pay each sale in full (i.e. no installment payments are allowed.). CSC has a separate bank account for payroll purposes. 5 REA. Cyclone Halloween Candy, Inc. produces scary cardinal and gold candies in ghost shapes and needs to create a new revenue database. So far, you have identified the following relationships. Explain minimum and maximum cardinality ineach relationship A and B. Example: Each ʹSaleʹ must be linked to an ʹInventoryʹ and can only be linked to at most one ʹInventory.ʹ Each ʹInventoryʹ must be linked to a ʹSaleʹ and can only be linked to at most one ʹSale.ʹ (12 points total - 6 points per question) 22) 23) REA. Answer the following quest...
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