If the goop is uniformly distributed on the top

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Unformatted text preview: sc? Explain. CONSERVATION OF ANGULAR MOMENTUM L =0 so Lf Li =0 so Lf = Li (note : bold means vector) When the goop covers the disk in a uniform manner, it makes a disk of the same radius, just twice the mass. Li = Ii i = mR2 i = Lf = If f = (2m)R2 f So f = I in the same direction If all the goop landed at or very near the center of the disc, it would not change the moment of inertia of the disc by very much, therefore to keep L constant would require only a zero or small change in the angular velocity. Each arm of a see-saw has a length of 2 m. You and your friend sit on opposite ends. Your friend has a mass of 55 kg, and you have a m...
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