BIO 135 Final Study Guide- New Material

7 explain what the sinoatrial node is important

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Unformatted text preview: xchange" set describes how area, velocity, and pressure change as you move away from the heart. Lots of information. Be able to re-create the figure and explain what is going on. 10. What are some other things a circulatory system does, besides moving O2, CO2 and glucose around? 11. Explain what is meant by "sources" and "sinks" in plants. Give a couple examples of each. 12. Be able to describe the anatomy and function of both xylem and phloem 13. How is the energy for fluid flow in phloem (try saying that aloud three times really fast!) provided- describe how things work. 14. What are the three forces that move water up a tree? How does each work? Which is most critical for tall plants like trees. Water balance in animals 1. Keep in mind the concepts of osmolarity and tonicity. 2. Animals have become pretty good at becoming waterproof- but there's one area where water will always be permeable. What is it? 3. Be able to draw, recognize, and explain a "regulato...
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