Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 9

concepts connected to production 1 the mode of

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Unformatted text preview: activity in a society There has been a historical progression in the development of the mode of production There was an aggression from slavery to feudalism to capitalism Slavery is an economic system in which people are legally owed by others and engages in force servitude Slavery was the mode of production in antiquity Examples of antiquity is Athens and Ancient Rome Feudalism- an economic system in which people work the land for others in exchange for a share of the food production; in Europe during the middle ages Capitalism- is an economic system in which people who own private property utilize the labour of others in the pursuit of profit Marx was primarily interested in capitalism and the mode of production Mode of production has 2 components: 1st- the forces of production 2nd- the social relations of production 2. The Forces of Production All those things that are needed for production to occur Divided into 2 other components: 1- The meaning of production: the property...
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