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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 8

later years 1 moving to england marx moved his

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Unformatted text preview: is monumental analysis was capital- a critique of political economy First volume of capital was released in the British Museum- contained many reports that were useful to Marx; reports prepared by the British government Business facts & economic trends were important aspects Took 18 years for Marx to write the first volume of capital and was published in 1867- he was a very slow writer & did a lot of reading 3. Poverty, Illness & Tragedy Marx and his family lived in poverty in England Lived off of his inheritance and generous financial support from his close friend Engle Marx also suffered from illnesses- he had liver problems, boils and various other ailments Four of his 7 children died His wife also died- died of cancer in 1981 4. Death and Later Volumes of Capital Marx died in 1883 He was 65 years old His 3 surviving daughters have been living with him- heard he went to his study- found him dead at his deskhe died while writing He was on the verge of writing one of his most crucial concerns writing a detailed treatment of the class structure in capitalism Hours before he died- he wrote a heading of classes and wrote several paragraphs They tried to piece together the theory of classes but it is uncertain Engle's utilized Marx's rough notes and drafts to edit and put together the 2nd (published in 1885) and 3rd volumes (published in 1894) of capitalism Volume 4- Marx's notes on other writers...
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