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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

marxs recognition of middle classes under capitalism

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Unformatted text preview: ependent producers or owners Ex. Farmers, or small business owners Like the bourgeoisie, they owned the means of production They also are unlike capitalists in another waythey hire new workers 2.) Other "Middle Classes" Referred to middle estates or strata middle classes; or ranks His meaning is unclear whether he was actually referring to additional middle classes 3.) The Disappearance of Middle Classes Thought they would disappear in the capitalist mode of production Some of these middle classes would be absorbed in the bourgeoisie Most would fall under proletariat Productive work is good The human ability to create things is satisfying anti rewarding Productive work involves to the social Marx's analysis of Exploitation and Alienation A.) The Nature of Productive Work It has turned into something bad because there is exploitation and alienation B.) Exploitation C.) Exploitation refers to a process through which the property class appropriates the labour effort of the property less class for its own material advantage 1.) The Commodity and Its Properties Commodity- the basic unit of countless production Has 2 u...
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