Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

recovery from the collapse weber started to recover

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Unformatted text preview: ities to be small business owners Weber though the intelligentsia would continue to expand in terms of their numbers and they would become increasingly important this was due to the beurocratic organizations as they grow and play an important role in society 2.) Comparison to Marx In agreement- both thought the petty bourgeoisie would decline as capitalism developed Marx thought this would happen due to ownership concentration (all small businesses start disappearing as larger companies take over- deepening owner concentration) Marx was aware of the intelligentsia and the spets- he never said much about them reason for this is because he seems to have regarded it as the extension of the bourgeoisie Thought the intelligentsia would have fate that involved falling into the proletariat Intelligentsia was a salaried, non-manual middle class- do not get paid with wages Proletariat work for wages (hourly wage) Marx though this middle class(intelligentsia) would be increasingly subjected to wage labour thought this class would fall into the proletariat C.) Social Class 1.) Weber's Concept of Social Class Class an economic category; made up of people in similar economic conditions; members of this class do not have a sense of this common positi...
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