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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

slavery and feudalism slavery and feudalism exist

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Unformatted text preview: aterials and convert those raw materials into new products; those products become commodities in the market place Ex. The automobile- to make a car, capitalists have to purchase raw materials; they also have to pay workers to assemble those materials The combination of raw materials and labour produces a commodity that has considerable use value and therefore considerable exchange values Alienation 1.) What is alienation? The separation of workers from other things 2.) Different Types of Alienation 1st type of alienation- alienation of workers from the products of their labouras soon as workers sell their products to capitalists for wage, the workers have no interest in the commodity that he/she spent time doing; workers separated for what they have produce 2nd type of alienation- alienation of workers from the labour process workers have to surrender from their commodities 3rd type of alienation- alienation of workers from themselves workers do not get the experience of producing products for themselves (stem from 1st) 4th type of alienation- alienation of workers from others workers are alienated from capitalists; workers are al...
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