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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

the social role of religion in tribal society

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Unformatted text preview: in Eastern Germany D.) Marriage In 1893, he married his cousin Marianne, the granddaughter of his father's older brother, and moved into his own home near his father's Newlyweds then moved hundreds of miles away from Berlin to establish a life of their own E.) Tragedy and Collapse 1.) A family dispute 2.) A Nervous Breakdown Exhaustion, sleeplessness, anxiety lead to severe depression Resigned his position as a professor 3.) Causes of Weber's Breakdown Mental condition was not fully diagnosed Catalucs- guilt and remorse over the death of his father; tensions between his parents which he had always experienced; weber was stressed, sexually repressed and overworked; mental illness ran in his family F.) Recovery from the Collapse Weber started to recover in 1903- wasn't until 1904 that he could return to his academic work- he would never completely recover- was never the same Started writing his most significant pieces of work 1.) Travel to the United States Began in a trip to the United States In 1904- he was invited to give a lecture in America- positive responses to his lecture and the experience he has in the U.S convinces him to return to his writing His experiences- he noticed American capitalism had become dominated by large corporations that took the form of bureaucracies Observation- noticed that many of the most successful businessmen in the U.S were protestants 2.) Return to Research and Writing In 1905 he published his famous piece of work Tues. Oct. 18th/11. G....
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