Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

what is mechanical solidarity form of solidarity

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Unformatted text preview: cieties, formal laws reinforce the rights and responsibilities that people have within a complex division of labour- ex. Labour legislation does set out the rights and the responsibilities of both employers and employees (these 2 groups have obligations with one another) E.) Forms of the Division of Labour 1.) The Normal Division of Labour Argued that the division of labour is normal is genuine morality guides interactions among people; also normal if there is justice in the attainment of positions within society The division of labour involves morality if individuals fulfill their obligations and contributions both to other individuals and to the collectivity as a whole- the moral thing to do is to fulfill their obligations to others The division of labour involves justice if each person has an equal opportunity to take on that position most appropriate to his or her capacities and interests If either one of these conditions is violated, we have an abnormal division of labour 2 types of abnormal behaviour: 1. Insufficient morality or amorality= An Anomic Division of Labour 2. Insufficient justice or immorality= Force Division of Labour 2.) The Anomic Division of L...
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