Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

Farmers and small business people these 2 classes

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Unformatted text preview: ers are enormously appealing Emergence is unpredictable See them in terms of political leaders In Canada- Pierre Trudeau U.S.- John F. Kennedy 3.) Rational Legal Authority Based on established evidence that certain criteria have been met- necessary qualifications for the position Legal because it involves making appointments by respecting verifiable rules Procedures that have to be followed, criteria and contracts Subordinates comply because they accept the official right of individuals to hold particular positions or offices Obey because there is a hierarchy of demand Governments, armies and private companies are few examples of organizations that have leadership these are organizations that take the form of bureaucracy (associated with ration, legal authority) Socialization and Bureaucracy A.) Rationalization 1. The Principle of Efficiency 2. The principle of Calculability 3. The Principle of Predictability 4. The Principle of Control B.) Bureaucracy 1.) Bureaucracy The Ideal Type 2.) Characteristics of Bureaucracy 1. Division of Labour 2. Hierarchy of position (or pyramid of precisely defines authority) 3. Bureaucracies operate...
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