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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

Insufficient morality or amorality an anomic division

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Unformatted text preview: saw between religious beliefs & religious practices Religious beliefs articulate the nature of the sacred Religious practices indicate how to act in relation to the sacred Religion saw religion as a unified system of beliefs & practices connected to what is sacred C.) Totemism 1.) The Totem in Tribal Society Totem is an animal, plant or object that members of a society see as being sacred and therefore having supernatural powers Members of these societies treat the totem with reverence- cannot kill or mistreat any of these objects in the totem 2.) The Social Role of Religion in Tribal Society Religion has 2 particular roles 2.) Altruistic Suicide results from a high degree of integration of individuals into social groups Extremely strong social ties can lead to suicide Kamikaze pilots- Japanese pilots who would kill themselves for the glory of Japan Members of cults killing themselves- benefit of the group Parents who sacrifice themselves to save their children- ex. Home invasion 3.) Anomic Suicide results from the lack of external social control over individuals State of normlessness exists in times of rapid social change Ex. Secularization includes the declining influence of religious institutions; also involves revolution- the overthrow of political institutions; economic crises- involve depressions or recessions that affect economic institutions When we have this kind of social change, it results in a change of what these institutions can do Find themselves in...
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