Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

A force or group that will express its opposition

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Unformatted text preview: ds who were still dominant The capitalist class pushed the feudal lords out of power Confrontation occurred with accumulation & at other times a revolution Marx argued that the proletariat would be endured in growing with capitalism C.) Factors Contributing to the End of Capitalism There are several factors that would encourage proletariats to start a revolution against the bourgeoisie 1.) Growing urbanization property less serfs left the country and went into cities in search of work; large numbers of people congregating into cities & searching for work; the growing concentration of urban labourers; these labourers in these cities were in the same neighbourhoods and they had very similar living conditions (usually very poor); this would lead to a growing class consciousness Working class consciousness is a shared understanding of circumstances that would be necessary for a revolution to begin 2.) Large-Scale Production the concentration of many people working in close proximity to...
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