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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

Not giving workers their wage may be breaking health

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Unformatted text preview: involved the worship of tribal society itself There are various beliefs and practices that are connected to what is sacred- these beliefs and practices stem from tribal societies; tribal societies give rise to what is sacred; also give rise to the notion of a supernatural force of higher power; it is not the case that this supernatural force operates the supernatural force of a higher power All of these beliefs and practices is the notion of the collective conscience- they are in a sense worshiping their own society; worshiping something they have created themselves Max Weber A.) Early Years Weber was born in Germany in 1864 He grew up in a privileged middle-class family Weber's father was trained in law but he never really pursued a career in law- went into politics & government; his father was a strict authoritarian and often brutish man- as a result often mistreated his wife Weber's mother was extremely religious- she was protestant and specifically Calvinist; religious beliefs did not have an impact on Weber Weber was in contact with his aunts who were also very religious Weber never really became religious but the fact that his family was helped him stimulate what he talks about His uncle was a professor and hi...
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