Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

People marx called the dictatorship of the proletariat

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Unformatted text preview: rabbi Identified himself as a non-believer who was fascinated by religion Durkheim had a close net and supported family- through his family he learned the importance of hard work and also the importance of saving money B.) Education 1.) Studies in College He was recognized as an outstanding student He was allowed to skip 2 full classes ahead of everyone else's age Due to the hard work and intelligence, he was accepted into a prestigious college in Francehe soon became dissatisfied with the curriculum- he had to study languages and that did not interest him He was interested in studying the scientific methods and the moral principles needed to guide social life He developed an interest in sociology developed during his last year at the college 2.) Interest in sociology Sociology was still a new area Comte coined the term sociology in the 1830's Understanding pressing social issues Contributed to the improvement of French society Tues. Oct. 4th/11. C.) Early Employment Graduated in 1982 Spent time teaching at high schools in the towns near Harris He specifically taught philosophy He devoted part of one year to do a study for the French ministry of education involved visiting several German universities Visited the university of Berlin- Max Weber was a student at the university (studying law) D.) Developing Social Science Went back to teaching philosophy courses in high school Number of ideas about how he could make a contribution to the new study of area called sociology Disc...
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