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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

Put into society what they can people would be doing

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Unformatted text preview: overed that a lot of work has been completed in the German social sciences He published a number of articles indicating how developments in German social science could actually be useful in building French social science Around this time, Durkheim started working on a PhD for the hopes of being able to teach social sciences, especially sociology In order to do this, he had to complete a dissertation (a thesis or original thought and research) E.) University Research and Teaching 1.) The university of Bordaux F.) 1.) Without completing a dissertation, he was still able to teach in high school- articles he wrote helped him get a position in the university of Bordeaux in 1887 this position was created especially for Durkheim by the French ministry of education (ministry saw Durkheim as someone who could create a French social science Preferred to take courses of education while he was teaching this, he was allowed to teach one course in social science He was at this university for 15 years- did a lot to establish sociology as a respectable discipline Wrote books: The division of labour in society & the truth of sociological method & suicide: a study of sociology The university eventually gave Durkheim a higher position- full professor of social science to recognize his contributions to this new area of sociology 2.) Marriage & Family He got married and enjoyed a happy family life Him and his wife had 2 children and his wife played different roles (she was a hom...
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