Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

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Unformatted text preview: darity refers to the conditions or factors that bine the members of a society together Argues that there are 2 types of social solidarity: Mechanical Solidarity & Organic solidarity Mechanical Solidarity 1.) What is mechanical solidarity? Form of solidarity that exists in early societies Saw these societies as operating in an automatic fashion 2.) Characteristics of Mechanical Solidarity a.) The Division of Labour There is a small population & a low division of labour People do the same kind of work in this divisions of labour- ex. Hunting for food, building shelters, teaching children People are self-sufficient People are similar and engage in common activities b.) The Collective Conscience People in society all share a collective conscience A collective conscience refers to the totality of common beliefs & feelings among the members of society- emerge over time The collective conscience, as it develops over time is based on religion What he is getting at: shared religious beliefs act as a social glue binding together people in these early societies or otherwise, peop...
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