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Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 10

To be considered realized social factors were

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Unformatted text preview: a situation where they lose their authority or have less authority to set the norms and values of society All of this has a significant impact on the individual level because it means that people have little guidance in dealing with social change- the norms that previously existed are no longer there & therefore causes suicide 4.) Fatalistic Suicide results from too much external social control over individuals There may be situations where there are too many rules and too few options- people end up feeling trapped Ex. Prisoners; slaves= hopelessness oppression 1st- religion helped the society to function; there are shared religious beliefs; that belief helps hold society together; share same belief about the totem; have common identity and solidarity; we have mechanical solidarity 2nd- religion helped to maintain conformity within the society; if people chose to violate social norms, they are going to find themselves being separated from the common beliefs; lose special relationship with the totem; religion helps maintain conformity and in line Thurs. Oct. 13th/11. 3.) Collective Effervescence Definition: a special feeling that occurs when experiencing the sacred in social gatherings May occur in different types of gatherings- when people have gathered to worship the totem through ceremonies; also when gathered to punish those who have violated social norms There is a mysterious force that people seem to experience 4.) Religion as the Worship of Tribal Society Religion...
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