Introduction to Sociological Theory - Lecture 6

weber focused on academic analysis weber presented

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Unformatted text preview: lso scholarly on capitalism but was also polemical (means he engaged in political attacks on capitalism which was a turn off for sociologists) 3.) Sociologists were more drawn to Weber than Marx- Weber has diverse interests; Marx was interested most in capitalism; Weber provided analyses on religion and bureaucracy Lecture #3 Karl Marx A Biographical Sketch of Marx A.) Early Years Born 1818 in Prussia (Germany) Father was a lawyer- he was very educated like his father When he was young he spent time with his father and his father's intellectual friends- egalitarian views= equality, freedom & therefore developed optimistic views of the nature of humanity and the potential of cultivation progress B.) University Education In 1835, Marx enrolled as a law student at the University of Bonn Accounts suggest Marx had an interesting university career- he was drinking & he got arrested His father convinced him to transfer to the university of Berlin- Marx became introduced to the concepts of Hegel Marx went into p...
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