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Production 012332 benefits benefits and

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Unformatted text preview: roduction floor. production ! "#$%&'()*+,-.//%01%2332 Benefits Benefits and Limitations of ABC 8 4 4 Activity-Based Costing Benefits IIt provides more Itt provides more provides more provides more accurate and accurate and iinformative product nformative product costs.. costs costs IItt provides more provides more accurate measurement accurate measurement of activity driving costs. of activity driving costs. IItt provides managers provides managers with easier access tto with easier access to with easier access o with easier access to relevant costs. relevant costs. Limitations Sometimes itt is Sometimes it is i is iimpractical to identify impractical to identify mpractical activity. activity. Some costs that can Some costs tthat can Some costs that can costs hat can be identified with be identified with specific products are specific products are omitted.. omitted. mitted Expensive to develop Expensive to develop and implement; it is and implement; it is also very timealso very ttimeals...
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