1 howwouldyouinterprettheestimatedslopeforhsperc

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Unformatted text preview: on, 500 84 , where Burger refers to weekly number of burgers sold on average in In&In Burger joint and price is in US dollars. What would be your estimate of the slope if price were in GB pounds (assuming 1 GB pound = 2 US dollars) AND you use daily number of burgers sold rather than weekly? a. ‐12 b. ‐84 c. ‐168 d. ‐24 9. Using data on 4,137 college students, the following equation was estimated by OLS: 1.392 4,137, 0.0135 0.00148 0.273 where colGPA is measured on a four‐point scale, hsperc is the percentile in the high school graduating class (defined so that, for example, hsperc = 5 means the top 5% 3 of the class), and SAT is the combined math and verbal scores on the student achievement test. 1) How would you interpret the estimated slope for hsperc? How would you interpret the R2? 2) 3) Suppose that two high school graduates, A and B, graduated in the same percentile from high school, but Student A’s SAT score...
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