Quan'ta've and Qualita've

Collect data open ended interview 20 high school

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Unformatted text preview: teachers Support or refute hypothesis: refuted Analysis: higher paid teachers are not more sa'sfied than their lower paid counterparts Example: induc've reasoning What qualities describe a good high school teacher? Collect Data: open ended interview 20 high school students what are your experiences with teachers (etc) Analyze Data: analyzed interviews – Categorize experiences, specific characteris'cs Good rapport: “she always asked about my hobbies, interests…” Clear goals and expecta'ons: “he provided very specific goals, and sub- goals to help us meet them….” Engaging, told lots of stories: “She told such relevant stories, and couched the topics within them. I remembered everything that way…” Good personality: “He was funny, relatable, personable – he’d say the craziest thing out of the blue...
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