Qualitaive research

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Unformatted text preview: digms Frame approach Examples Posi2vism Theory = children who aNend preschools adjust beNer than those who do not Feminism How boys and girls interact in the classroom Social construc2onist How children come to learn the expecta2ons for behaving at recess Postmodernism Analyze the school se9ng: the modern reali2es of children, teachers, principals, parents Ontological Epistemological Axiological Methodological 4 general assump2ons Ontological Defini2on: ques2oning the nature of reality Assump2on that many different beliefs, perspec2ves, interpreta2ons embrace different reali2es, including Par2cipants being studied Readers of the study Epistemological What counts as “knowledge”? Qualita2ve researchers assume proximity=knowledge The context helps our understanding of what par2cipants are saying, or mean Axiological Assump2on that all researcher...
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