Agree on the nature of social reality researchers

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Unformatted text preview: i2cal Postmodernism Research tradi2ons Posi2vism Tradi2onal approach to social research Based on causal laws That can help predict outcomes, paNerns Assump2ons All knowledge is knowable, created by deduc2ve logic We all agree on the nature of social reality Researchers must remain neutral, objec2ve Challenges to posi2vism in social research Humans can reflect and interpret OSen change behavior when under study Behavior is context sensi2ve Naturalism Goal: to understand the social world of those being studied to present lives of subjects faithfully Researcher engages, builds rela2onships Assump2ons Researcher can accurately portray someone’s life There is a “real world” that can be depicted accurately Social construc2onist Based on symbolic interac2onism = the real world is socially constructed through interac2on, everything is interpreted differently, objects have a variety of meanings Assump2ons Emphasize how people construct their understandings, meanings Cri2cal Social Research Seeks insight of the...
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