qualitaive research

Research consider paradigms frame approach examples

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Unformatted text preview: social world in order to help people change oppressive condi2ons Assump2ons Reality is shaped by social classes Research is never neutral Can be used as a source of social control Postmodernism Previous ways of knowing are no longer useful Many newer perspec2ves have replaced established ways of knowing Assump2ons Many different ways of knowing, all useful No one coherent objec2ve theory of social phenomena If knowledge is limited, how do we conduct valid, reliable research? Consider paradigms Frame approach Examples Posi2vism Theory = children who aNend preschools adjust beNer than those who do not Feminism How boys and girls interact in the classroom Social construc2onist How children come to learn the expecta2ons for behaving at recess Postmodernism Analyze the school se9ng: the modern reali2es of children, teachers, principals, parents Consider para...
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