As such complainantsappellees sought to claim death

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Unformatted text preview: lt. TC: Primateria Zurich is liable to the plaintiff for the sums of P31,009.71, with legal interest from the date of the filing of the complaint, and P2,000.00 as and for attorney's fees; and absolving defendants Primateria (Phil.), Inc., Alexander G. Baylin, and Jose M. Crame from any and all liability. Plaintiff appealed from that portion of the judgment dismissing its complaint as regards the three defendants. It is plaintiff's theory that Primateria Zurich is a foreign corporation within the meaning of Sections 68 and 69 of the Corporation Law, and since it has transacted business in the Philippines without the necessary license, as required by said provisions, its agents here are personally liable for contracts made in its behalf. Section 68 of the Corporation Law states: "No foreign corporation or corporation formed, organized, or existing under any laws other than those of the Philippines shall be permitted to transact business in the Philippines, until after it shall have obtained a license for that purpose from the Securities and Exchange Commission .. ." And under Section 69, "any officer or agent of the corporation or any person transacting business for any foreign corporation not having the license prescribed shall be punished by imprisonment for etc. ... ." Hence, this petition. ISSUES: 1. Whether defendant Primateria Zurich may be considered a foreign corporation within the meaning of Sections 68 and 69 of the Corporation Law; NO 2. Assuming said entity to be a foreign corporation, whether it may be considered as having transacted business in the Philippines within the meaning of said sections; (MOOT) 3. If so, whether its agents may be held personally liable on contracts made in the name of the entity with third persons in the Philippines. (NO, MOOT) HELD: 1. NO Primateria Zurich was not duly proven to be a foreign corporation; nor that a societe anonyme ("sociedad anomima") is a corporation; and that failing such proof, the societe cannot be deemed to fall within the prescription of Section 68 of the Corporation Law. In fact, our corporation law recognized the difference between sociedades anonimas and corporations. 43 At any rate, we do not see how the plaintiff could recover...
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