By virtue whereof and finding no error in the

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Unformatted text preview: a strip of land belonging to said plaintiff taken by the defendant to widen a public street; the judgment entitled the plaintiff to recover P42,966.40, representing the value of said strip of land. On appeal to this court, judgment was affirmed. Attorney Jose Evangelista, as counsel for the administratrix of Jose Ma .Arroyo's intestate estate, filed a claim in the same case for professional services rendered by him, which the court, acting with the consent of the appellant widow (Tan Ong Sze Vda. de Tan Toco), fixed at 15 percent of the amount of the judgment. At the hearing on said claim, among other claimants, Antero Soriano also appeared claiming the amount of the judgment as it had been assigned to him, and by him, in turn, assigned to Mauricio Cruz & Co., Inc. After due hearing, the court declared valid and binding the deed of assignment of the credit executed by Tan Toco's widow, through her attorney­in­fact Tan Buntiong, in favor of late Antero Soriano; likewise the assignment executed by the latter during his lifetime in favor of the defendant Mauricio Cruz & Co., Inc. The municipal treasurer of Iloilo paid (by depositing the amount with the clerk of Court) the late Antero Soriano the amount of P6,000 in part payment of the judgment mentioned above, assigned to him by Tan Boon Tiong, acting as attorney­in­fact of the appellant herein, Tan Ong Sze Vda. de Tan Toco. In pursuance of the resolution of the court below ordering that the attorney's lien be recorded, the said clerk of court delivered on the same date to said Attorney Jose Evangelista the said amount of P6,000. With these two payments of P6,000 each making a total of P12,000, the judgment for P42,966.44 against the municipality of Iloilo was reduced to P30,966.40, which was adjudicated by said court to Mauricio Cruz & Co. This appeal, then, is confined to the claim of Mauricio Cruz & Co. as alleged assignee of the rights of the late Attorney Antero Soriano by virtue of the said judgment in payment of professional services rendered by him to the said widow and her coheirs....
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