Facts genaro heredia is the businessadviser of one

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Unformatted text preview: out notifying the surety, the Bank deprived the former of any possibility of recoursing against that security. The Bank thereby exonerated the surety, pursuant to Article 2080 of the Civil Code: ART. 2080. — The guarantors, even though they be solidary, are released from their obligation whenever by come act of the creditor they cannot be subrogated to the rights, mortgages and preferences of the latter. (Emphasis supplied.) The appellant points out to its letter of demand, Exhibit "K", addressed to the Bureau of Public Works, on May 5, 1949, and its letter to ATACO, Exhibit "G", informing the debtor that as of its date, October 31, 1949, its outstanding balance was P156,374.83. Said Exhibit "G" has no bearing on the issue whether the Bank has exercised due diligence in collecting from the Bureau of Public Works, since the letter was addressed to ATACO, and the funds were to come from elsewhere. As to the letter of demand on the Public Works office, it does not appear that any reply thereto was made; nor that the demand was pressed, nor that the debtor or the surety were ever apprised that payment was not being made. The fact remains that because of the Bank's inactivity the other creditors were enabled to collect P173,870.31, when the balance due to appellant Bank was only P158,563.18. The finding of negligence made by the Court of Appeals is thus not only conclusive on us but fully supported by the evidence Nepomuceno v. Heredia, 7 Phil 563 (1907) FRANCISCO Doctrine: Art.1887. In the execution of the agency, the agent shall act in accordance with the instructions of the principal. In default thereof, he shall do all that a good father of a family would do, as required by the nature of the business. Facts: ● Genaro Heredia is the business adviser of one of the plaintiffs, Marciana Canon and about the same time, Felisa Nepomuceno, the other plaintiff, had an unsecured debt due her of 500 pesos from one Marcelo Leaño. ● The debtor proposed to give her a deed of conditional sale to a certain tract of land in consideration of 2,000 pesos, she to be credited with 500 pesos on the purchase price and that to advance the balance of 1,500 pesos; that knowing tha...
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