He knew that bernardowas only a sales representative

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Unformatted text preview: al burden to prove the proposition that he contends for, and to shift the burden of evidence to the adverse party. Private respondent having failed to rebut the aforestated presumptions in favor of valid payment by petitioners, these would necessarily continue to stand in their favor in this case. 65 Besides, even assuming arguendo that herein private respondent's cashier never received the amounts reflected in the TPRs, still private respondent failed to prove that Estrada, who is its duly authorized agent with respect to petitioners, did not receive those amounts from the latter. As correctly explained by petitioners, "in so far as the private respondent's customers are concerned, for as long as they pay their obligations to the sales representative of the private respondent using the latter's official receipt, said payment extinguishes their obligations." Otherwise, it would unreasonably cast the burden of supervision over its employees from respondent corporation to its customers. The substantive law is that payment shall be made to the person in whose favor the obligation has been constituted, or his successor­in­interest or any person authorized to receive it. As far as third persons are concerned, an act is deemed to have been performed within the scope of the agent's authority, if such is within the terms of the power of attorney, as written, even if the agent has in fact exceeded the limits of his authority according to an understanding between the principal and his agent. In fact, Atty. Rosario, private respondent's own witness, admitted that "it is the responsibility of the collector to turn over the collection." Bacaltos Coal Mines v. CA, 245 SCRA 460 (1995) MAGSUMBOL Toyota Shaw, Inc. v. CA, 389 SCRA 34 (2002) MORA G.R. No. L­116650; May 23, 1995 Luna L. Sosa wanted to purchase a Toyota Lite Ace. It was then a seller's market and Sosa had difficulty finding a dealer with an available unit for sale. But upon contacting Toyota Shaw, Inc., he was told that there was an available unit. So on 14 June 1989, Sosa and his son,...
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