His disloyalty tohis employers was responsible for

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Unformatted text preview: of its condition. De los Santos told Sunyantong of his favorable impression of the estate. Sunyantong then advised De los Santos not to report the estate to the plaintiffs as being so highly valuable, for fear that if his assessment proved to be mistaken, they might blame De los Santos. One becomes more strongly convinced that this defendant has been unfaithful to his principals, the plaintiffs, when these circumstances are considered in connection with the fact at an early hour in the morning of June 17, 1919, the midday of which the term of plaintiff's option to purchase was to expire. Defendant Sunyantong called at the house of Mari Gay when she was having breakfast, and offered to buy the estate on the same terms proposed by her not yet accepted by the plaintiffs, making the offer to buy not for the benefit of the plaintiff's, but for own wife, his codefendant Vicenta Llorente de Sunyatong. In view of the opportunity that offered itself, but respecting the option granted the plaintiffs, Maria Gay called (by phone) Manuel Sotelo, broker for the plaintiffs in these transactions, and told him that another buyer of the estate had presented himself who would accept the terms proposed by her and that she would like to know immediately what decision had been reached by the plaintiffs on the matter. In view of Maria Gay's insistence that the plaintiff give a categorical answer, Sing Bengco, one of the plaintiffs who happened to be present at the time the telephone conversation between Maria Gay and Manuel Sotelo took place, instructed Sotelo to inform her at the time that if she did not care to wait until 12 o'clock, "ella cuidado": (she could do as she pleased). This is a purely Philippine phrase, an exact translation of the Tagalog, "siya ang bahala" and approximately of the Visayan "ambut sa iya," which has very different, and even contradictory, meanings. It might be interpreted in several different ways, such as a threat on the part of Sing Bengco to take legal action again...
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