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Unformatted text preview: a Societe Anonyme Pour Le Commerce Exterieur (hereinafter referred to as Primateria Zurich) is a foreign juridical entity and, at the time of the transactions involved herein, had its main office at Zurich, Switzerland. It was then engaged in "Transactions in international trade with agricultural products, particularly in oils, fats and oil­seeds and related products." On October 24, 1951, Primateria Zurich, through defendant Alexander B. Baylin, entered into an agreement with plaintiff Philippine Products Company, whereby the latter undertook to buy copra in the Philippines for the account of Primateria Zurich, during "a tentative experimental period of one month from date." The contract was renewed by mutual agreement of the parties to cover an extended period up to February 24, 1952, later extended to 1953. During such period, plaintiff caused the shipment of copra to foreign countries, pursuant to instructions from defendant Primateria Zurich, thru Primateria (Phil.) Inc. — referred to hereafter as Primateria Philippines — acting by defendant Alexander G. Baylin and Jose M. Crame, officers of said corporation. As a result, the total amount due to the plaintiff as of May 30, 1955, was P33,009.71. Alexander Baylin and Primateria Phils. Acted as duly authorized agents of Primateria Zurich in PH. As far as the record discloses, Baylin acted indiscriminately in these transactions in the dual capacities of agent of the Zurich firm and executive vice­president of Primateria Philippines, which also acted as agent of Primateria Zurich. It is likewise undisputed that Primateria Zurich had no license to transact business in the Philippines. 42 At the trial, before the Manila court of first instance, it was proven that the amount due from defendant Primateria Zurich, on account of the various shipments of copra, was P31,009.71, because it had paid P2,000.00 of the original claim of plaintiff. There is no dispute about accounting. For failure to file an answer within the reglementary period, defendant Primateria Zurich was declared in defau...
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