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Unformatted text preview: law or contract. Subsequently, separate meetings were conducted on November 22, 23 and 24, 1962 at Antamok, Balatoc and Acupan Mines respectively by UNION. The result thereof was the approval by UNION members of a resolution directing its president to file a notice of strike against BENGUET for: 1. [Refusal] to grant any amount as monthly living allowance for the workers; 2. Violation of Agreements reached in conciliation meetings among which is the taking down of investigation [sic] and statements of employees without the presence of union representative; 3. Refusal to dismiss erring executive after affidavits had been presented, thereby company showing [sic] bias and partiality to company personnel; 4. Discrimination against union members in the enforcement of disciplinary actions. The Notice of Strike was filed on December 28, 1962. Three months later, UNION members who were BENGUET employees in the mining camps at Acupan, Antamok and Balatoc, went on strike. Regarding the conduct of the strike, the trial court reports that there were picket lines, the picketers prevented passage thru the picket lines, and that there was a complete stoppage of work during the strike in all the mines. After two weeks elapsed, repair and maintenance of the water pump was allowed by the strikers and some of the staff members were permitted to enter the mines, who inspected the premises in the company of PC soldiers to ascertain the extent of the damage to the equipment and losses of company property. On May 2, 1963, the parties agreed to end the raging dispute. Accordingly, BENGUET and UNION executed the AGREEMENT, PAFLU placed its conformity thereto and said agreement was attested to by the Director of the Bureau of Labor Relations. About a year later, a collective bargaining contract was finally executed between UNION­PAFLU and BENGUET. Meanwhile, as a result of the , allegedly, of the strike staged by UNION and its members, BENGUET had to incur expenses for the rehabilitation of mine openings, repair of mechanical equipment, cost of pumping water out of the mines, value of explosi...
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