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Unformatted text preview: of the conditions stipulated in the respective mortgage contracts. ∙ If Mauro A. Garrucho acted in his capacity as mere attorney in fact of Amparo A. Garrucho and of Paz Agudelo y Gonzaga, he could not delegate his power, in view of the legal principle of "delegata potestas delegare non potest" (a delegated power cannot be delegated), inasmuch as there is nothing in the records to show that he has been expressly authorized to do so. ∙ He executed the promissory notes evidencing the aforesaid loans, under his own signature, without authority from his principal and, therefore, were not binding upon the latter(Agudelo). Neither is there anything to show that he executed the promissory notes in question for the account, and at the request, of his respective principals. ∙ Furthermore, it is noted that the mortgage deeds, Exhibits C and J, were cancelled by the documents, Exhibits I and L, on July 15, 1922, and in their stead the mortgage deed, Exhibit C, was executed, in which 52 there is absolutely no mention of Mauro A. Garrucho being attorney in fact of anybody, and which shows that he obtained such credit for himself in his personal capacity and secured the payment thereof by mortgage constituted by him in his personal capacity, although on properties belonging to his principal Paz Agudelo y Gonzaga. Furthermore, the promissory notes executed by Mauro A. Garrucho in favor of the Philippine National Bank, evidencing loans of P6,000 and P16,000 have been novated by the promissory notes for P21,000 executed by Mauro A. Garrucho, not only without express authority from his principal Paz Agudelo y Gonzaga but also under his own signature. Furthermore, the records do not show that the loan obtained by Mauro A. Garrucho, was for his principal Paz Agudelo y Gonzaga. The special power of attorney, does not authorize Mauro A. Garrucho to constitute a mortgage on the real estate of his principal to secure his personal obligations. Therefore, in doing so by virtue of the document, he exceeded the scope of his authority and...
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