While the lower court found that some strikers and

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Unformatted text preview: as an entity under the statute, is the true party in interest to the contract, holding rights through the agency of the union representative. Thus, any exclusive interest claimed by the agent is defeasible at the will of the principal.... (Emphasis supplied) Stated otherwise, the "substitutionary" doctrine only provides that the employees cannot revoke the validly executed collective bargaining contract with their employer by the simple expedient of changing their bargaining agent. And it is in the light of this that the phrase "said new agent would have to respect said contract" must be understood. It only means that the employees, thru their new bargaining agent, cannot renege on their collective bargaining contract, except of course to negotiate with management for the shortening thereof. The "substitutionary" doctrine, therefore, cannot be invoked to support the contention that a newly certified collective bargaining agent automatically assumes all the personal undertakings — like the no­strike stipulation here — in the collective bargaining agreement made by the deposed union. When BBWU bound itself and its officers not to strike, it could not have validly bound also all the other rival unions existing in the bargaining units in question. BBWU was the agent of the employees, not of the other unions which possess distinct personalities. To consider UNION contractually bound to the no­strike stipulation would therefore violate the legal maxim that res inter alios nec prodest nec nocet. Of course, UNION, as the newly certified bargaining agent, could always voluntarily assume all the personal undertakings made by the displaced agent. But as the lower court found, there was no showing at all that, prior to the strike, UNION formally adopted the existing CONTRACT as its own and assumed all the liability ties imposed by the same upon BBWU. BENGUET also alleges that UNION is now in estoppel to claim that it is not contractually bound by the CONTRACT for having filed in the Court of First Instance of Baguio, entitled "Bobok Lumber Jack Ass'n. vs. Benguet Consolidated, Inc....
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