18 of art vii and called by the president at any time

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Unformatted text preview: e office. Q: While it is performing humanitarian functions as an auxiliary to government, is the Structure of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) sui generis? A: Yes. A National Society partakes of a sui generis character. It is a protected component of the Red Cross movement under Articles 24 and 26 of the First Geneva Convention, especially in times of armed conflict. These provisions require that the staff of a National Society shall be respected and protected in all circumstances. Such protection is not ordinarily afforded by an international treaty to ordinary private entities or even non‐ governmental organizations (NGOs). This sui generis character is also emphasized by the Fourth Geneva Convention which holds that an Occupying Power cannot require any change in the personnel or structure of a National Society. National societies are therefore organizations that are directly regulated by international humanitarian law, in contrast to other ordinary private entities, including NGOs. 26 The auxiliary status of a Red Cross Society means that it is at one and the same time a private institution and a public service organization because the very nature of its work implies cooperation with the authorities, a link with the State. In carrying out their major functions, Red Cross Societies give their humanitarian support to official bodies, in general having larger resources than the Societies, working towards comparable ends in a given sector. (Liban v. Gordon, G. R. No. 175352, January 18, 2011) c. PARLIAMENTARY INHIBITIONS & DISQUALIFICATIONS Q: What are the particular inhibitions attached to their office? A: 1. “Personally” appearing as counsel before any court of justice or before the Electoral Tribunals, or quasi‐judicial or other administrative bodies. (Sec. 14) 2. Upon assumption of office, must make a full disclosure of financial and business interests. Shall notify the House concerned of a potential conflict in interest that may arise from the filing of a proposed legislation of which they are authors. (Sec. 12, Article VI) Q: What are the disqualifications attached to...
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