73 oec with regard to coc violation of sec 78

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Unformatted text preview: squalified by law, and who are registered voters. a. National Election— i. for President and VP ii. for Senators b. Local Elections— i. For Members of HOR ii. Party‐List Representatives iii. Provincial Officials iv. City Officials v. Municipal Officials c. Barangay Elections d. ARRM Elections— i. For Regional Governor ii. Regional Vice Governor iii. Regional Assemblymen e. SanggguniangKabataan (SK) Elections 2. Special election – one held to fill a vacancy in office before the expiration of the term for which the incumbent was elected. a. Plebiscite—electoral process by which an initiative on the Constitution is approved or rejected by the people. b. Initiative—power of the people to propose amendments to the Constitution or to propose and enact legislations through election called for the purpose i. Initiative on the Constitution ii. Initiative on Statutes iii. Initiative on Local Legislation c. Referendum—power of the electorate to approve or reject a piece of legislation through an election called for the purpose. i. Referendum on Statutes ii. Referendum on Local Laws d. Recall—mode of removal of an elective public officer by the people before the end of his term of office. Q: What are the rules on construction of election laws? A: CONSTRUCTION OF ELECTION LAW 1. Before the election – Laws for conduct of Mandatory elections 2. After the election – Directory Mandatory and strictly Laws for candidates construed Liberally construed in Procedural rules favor of ascertaining the will of the elections Q: When will the election period commence? A: The election period shall commence 90 days before the day of the election and shall end 30 days thereafter. (Sec. 3, B.P. 881 Omnibus Election Code) Q: What is the purpose of an election? A: To give the voters a direct participation in the affairs of their public officials or in deciding some questions of public interest. (Luna v. Rodriguez, G.R. No. L‐13744, November 29, 1918) ACADEMICS CHAIR: LESTER JAY ALAN E. FLORES...
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