A 9851 q what are included in the term other crimes

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Unformatted text preview: ess? A: In the Convention on the Conflict of Nationality Laws of 1930, the Contracting States agree to accord nationality to persons born in their territory who would otherwise be stateless. The Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness of 1961 provides that if the law of the contracting States results in the loss of nationality, as a consequence of marriage or termination of marriage, such loss must be conditional upon possession or acquisition of another nationality. Q: What is the Doctrine of Genuine Link? A: It states that the bond of nationality must be real and effective in order that a State may claim a person as its national for the purpose of affording him diplomatic protection. h. TREATMENT OF ALIENS Q: What is the Doctrine of State Responsibility? A: A State may be held responsible for an international delinquency directly or indirectly imputable to it which causes injury to the national of another State. Liability will attach to the State where its treatment of the alien falls below the international standard of justice or where it is remiss in according him the protection or redress that is warranted by the circumstances. Q: What are the requisites for the enforcement of the doctrine of State Responsibility? A: 1. The injured alien must first exhaust all local remedies; and 2. He must be represented in the international claim for damages by his own State Q: What are the elements of State Responsibility? A: 1. Breach of an international obligation 2. Attributability Q: What are the two kinds of State 246 Responsibility? A: 1. Direct State responsibility – Where the international delinquency was committed by superior government officials or organs like the chief of State or the national legislature, liability will attach immediately as their acts may not be effectively prevented or reversed under the constitution or laws of the State. 2. Indirect State responsibility – Where the offense is committed by inferior government officials or by private individu...
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