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Unformatted text preview: C. MARTINEZ 155 UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 Q: What are the grounds which would warrant the reversal of administrative finding? A: MIGS – VIBE 1. Misapprehension of facts, or the agency overlooked certain facts of substance or value which if considered would affect the result of the case 2. Interferences made are manifestly mistaken, absurd, or impossible 3. Grave abuse of discretion 4. Finding is grounded on Speculations, surmises, or conjectures 5. Rights of the parties were prejudiced because the findings were in Violation of the constitution, or in excess of statutory authority, vitiated by fraud, or mistake 6. Irregular procedures or violations of due process 7. Agency went Beyond the issues of the case and the same are contrary to the admissions of the parties or the evidence presented 8. Findings not supported by substantial Evidence. 156 POLITICAL LAW TEAM: ADVISER: ATTY. EDWIN REY SANDOVAL; SUBJECT HEAD: RACHEL MARIE L. FELICES; ASST. SUBJECT HEADS: WIVINO E. BRACERO II & HERAZEUS CHRISTINE Y. UY; MEMBERS: LAWRENCE PAULO H. AQUINO, LEANDRO RODEL V. ATIENZA, MARINETH EASTER AN D. AYOS, CARLO R. BALA, WILFREDO T. BONILLA, JR., KEEL ACHERNAR R. DINOY, APRIL V. ENRILE, KENNETH JAMES CARLO C. HIZON, JOSE MARIA G. MENDOZA, ROGER CHRISTOPHER R. REYES, ROMILINDA C. SIBAL, JASMIN M. SISON, ZARAH PATRICIA T. SUAREZ, RALPH JULIOUS L. VILLAMOR. ELECTION LAW K. ELECTION LAW Q: What is an election? A: It is the selection of candidates to public office by popular vote of the people. Q: What are the components of an election? A: 1. Choice or selection of candidates to public office by popular vote 2. Conduct of the polls 3. Listing of votes 4. Holding of electoral campaign 5. Act of casting and receiving the ballots from the voters 6. Counting the ballots 7. Making the election returns 8. Proclaiming the winning candidates Q: What are the types of elections? A: 1. Regular election – refers to an election participated in by those who possess the right of suffrage, are not otherwise di...
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