All the other representatives shall have the same or

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Unformatted text preview: cial Justice Society v. DDB and PDEA, G.R Nos. 157870, 158633, 161658, Nov. 3, 2008). Q: What is the rule on voluntary renunciation of office for any length of time? A: It shall not be considered as an interruption in the continuity of his service for the full term for which he was elected (Sec. 4, Article VI). House of Representatives (HoR) Q: What is the composition of HoR? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Party‐list Representative Elected according 1. to legislative district by the constituents of such district; Must be a resident of his legislative district for at least 1 year immediately before the election; Elected personally, by name; Does not lose seat if he/she changes 2. party or affiliation; In case of vacancy, a special election may be held 3. provided that the vacancy takes place at least 1 year before the next election; A district representative is not prevented from running again as a 4. district representative if he/she lost during the previous election; and A change in affiliation within months prior to election does not prevent a district representative from running under 5. his new party. 6. 7. Elected nationally with party‐list organizations garnering at least 3% of all votes cast for the party‐list system entitled to 1 seat, which is increased according to proportional representation, but is in no way to exceed 3 seats per organization; N o special residency requirement; Voted upon by party or organization. It is only when a party is entitled to representation that it designates who will sit as representative; If he/she changes party or affiliation, loses his seat, in which case he/she will be substituted by another qualified person in the party /organization based on the list submitted to the COMELEC; In case of vacancy, a substitution will be made within the party, based on the list submitted to the COMELEC; A party‐list representative cannot sit if he ran and lost in the previous election; and A change in affiliation within 6 months prior to election prohibits the party‐list representatives from listing as ACADEMICS CHAIR: LESTER JAY ALAN E. FLORES II U N I V E R S...
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