Eg republic of the marshall islands and the federated

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Unformatted text preview: ic of the Philippines v. CA, G.R. No. 108998, August 24, 1984) Q: Can private corporations and associations acquire public lands? A: No. They are only allowed to lease public lands. (Sec. 3, Art. XII) Q: Does the constitutional policy of a “self‐ reliant and independent national economy” rule out foreign competition? A: No. It contemplates neither “economic seclusion” nor “mendicancy in the international community.” Aside from envisioning a trade policy based on “equality and reciprocity,” the fundamental law encourages industries that are “competitive in both domestic and foreign markets,” thereby demonstrating a clear policy against a sheltered domestic trade environment, but one in favor of the gradual development of robust industries that can compete with the best in the foreign markets. (Tañada v. Angara, G.R. No. 118295, May 2, 1997) Q: Has the concept of native title to natural resources, like native title to land, been recognized in the Philippines? A: No. While native title to land or private ownership by Filipinos of land by virtue of time immemorial possession in the concept of an owner was acknowledged and recognized as far back during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, there was no similar favorable 220 treatment as regards natural resources. The unique value of natural resources has been acknowledged by the State and is the underlying reason for its consistent assertion of ownership and control over said natural resources from the Spanish regime up to the present. (Noblejas, Philippine Law on Natural Resources, 1961 Revised Ed., p. 6) On the other hand, the United States viewed natural resources as a source of wealth for its nationals. As the owner of natural resources over the Philippines after the latter’s cession from Spain, the United States saw it fit to allow both Filipino and American citizens to explore and exploit minerals in public lands, and to grant patents to private mineral lands. x x x The framers of the 1935 Constit...
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