External selfdetermination can be defined as the

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Unformatted text preview: OR. NATIONAL ECONOMY AND PATRIMONY purposes. There is no doubt that a corporation sole by the nature of its Incorporation is vested with the right to purchase and hold real estate and personal property. It need not therefore be treated as an ordinary private corporation because whether or not it be so treated as such, the Constitutional provision involved will, nevertheless, be not applicable. (Republic of the Philippines v. IAC., G.R. No. 75042, Nov. 29, 1988) Q: Is a religious corporation allowed to lease private land in the Philippines? A: Yes. Under Sec. 1 of P.D. 471, corporations and associations owned by aliens are allowed to lease private lands up to 25 years, renewable for a period of 25 years upon the agreement of the lessor and the lessee. Hence, even if the religious corporation is owned by aliens, it may still lease private lands. Q: Are lands devoted to swine, poultry and livestock raising included in the definition of agricultural land? A: No. (Luz Farms v. Secretary of Agrarian Reform, G.R. No. 86889, Dec. 4, 1990) Q: Is fishpond considered within the definition of agricultural land? A: Yes, according to the definition adopted by the Constitutional Commission. f. PRACTICE OF PROFESSION Q: What is the State policy with regard to professionals and skilled workers? A: The sustained development of a reservoir of national talents consisting of Filipino scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, high‐ level technical manpower and skilled workers and craftsmen in all fields shall be promoted by the State. (Par. 1, Sec. 14, Art. XII, 1987 Constitution) Q: Who may practice their profession in the Philippines? A: GR: The practice of all professions in the Philippines shall be limited to Filipino citizens. XPN: In cases provided by law. (Par. 2, Sec. 14, Art. XII, 1987 Constitution) Q: What does Section 14, Article XII of the Constitution seek to achieve? A: Section 14 reflects the desire not only to develop a ready reservoir of Filipino professionals, scientists and skilled workers but also to protect their welfare. (ibid.) g. ORGANIZATION AND REGULATION OF...
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