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Unformatted text preview: n 3. Direct act of Congress Q: Distinguish naturalization from repatriation. Naturalization Repatriation Nature A mode of acquisition and reacquisition of Philippine citizenship Mode of reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship 1. Natural‐born citizens of the Philippines who have lost their naturalization as citizens of a foreign country are deemed to have re‐acquired Philippine citizenship; and 2. Natural‐born citizens of the Philippines who, after the effectivity of said RA, become citizens of a foreign country shall retain their Philippine citizenship. Q: Distinguish dual citizenship from dual allegiance. A: Dual Citizenship Arises when, as a result of concurrent application of the different laws of two or more States, a person is simultaneously considered a citizen of said states. As to process Very cumbersome and tedious Simpler process Q: How is repatriation effected? A: Repatriation shall be effected by taking the necessary oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines and registration in the proper civil registry and in the Bureau of Immigration. The Bureau of Immigration shall thereupon cancel the pertinent alien certificate of registration and issue the certificate of identification as Filipino citizen to the repatriated citizen. Q: What is the effect of repatriation? A: Repatriation results in the recovery of the original nationality. This means that a naturalized Filipino who lost his citizenship will be restored to his prior status as a naturalized Filipino citizen. On the other hand, if he was originally a natural‐born citizen before he lost his Philippine citizenship, he will be restored to his former status as a natural‐ born Filipino. (Bengzon v. HRET and Cruz, G.R. No. 142840, May 7, 2001) Q: What is an example of reacquisition of citizenship by the direct act of congress? A: R.A. 9225 also known as the “Citizenship Retention and Re‐acquisition Act of 2003,” approved on August 29, 2003 provides that, upon taking the oath of allegiance to the Republic: 116 Involunta...
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