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Unformatted text preview: se of prostitution, or is a procurer; Any alien who becomes a public charge within five years after entry from causes not affirmatively shown to have arisen subsequent to entry; Any alien who remains in the Philippines in violation of any limitation or condition under which he was admitted as a non‐immigrant; Any alien who believes in, advises, advocates or teaches the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the Philippines, or of constituted law and authority or who disbelieves in or is opposed to organized government, or who advises, advocates or teaches the assault or assassination of public officials because of their office, or who advises, advocates, or teaches the unlawful destruction of property, or who is a member of or affiliated with any organization entertaining, advocating or teaching such doctrines, or who in any manner whatsoever lends assistance, financial or otherwise, to the dissemination of such doctrines; Any alien who commits any of the acts described in sections forty‐five of this Act, independent of criminal action which may be brought against him: Provided, that in the case of alien who, for any reason, is convicted and sentenced to suffer both imprisonment and deportation, said alien shall first 10. 11. 12. 13. serve the entire period of his imprisonment before he is actually deported: Provided, however, that the imprisonment may be waived by the Commissioner of Immigration with the consent of the Department Head, and upon payment by the alien concerned of such amount as the Commissioner may fix and approved by the Department Head; [Paragraph added pursuant to Republic Act No. 144, Sec. 3] Any alien who, at any time within five years after entry, shall have been convicted of violating the provisions of the Philippine Commonwealth Act Numbered Six hundred and fifty‐three, otherwise known as the Philippine Alien Registration Act of 1941**(now Alien Registration Act of 1950, Republic Act No. 562, as amended] or who, at any time after entry, shall have been convicted more t...
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