Note payment of tax is precondition in protest

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Unformatted text preview: sion of local government units? A: 1. Such division or merger shall not reduce the income, population or land area of the LGC concerned to less than the minimum requirement 2. That the income classification of the original LGU/s shall not fall below its current income classification prior to the division 3. A plebiscite must be held in LGUs affected 4. Assets and liabilities of creation shall be equitably distributed between the LGUs affected and new LGU Note: When a municipal district of other territorial divisions is converted or fused into a municipality all property rights vested in original territorial organization shall become vested in the government of the municipality. (R.A. 688) Q: At the end of the 11th Congress’s existence, several bills aiming to convert certain municipalities into cities were pending. The same were not entered into law. th The 12 Congress enacted R.A. No. 9009, amending the Local Government Code (LGC) by increasing the income requirement for conversion of municipalities into cities. Congress deliberated on exempting the municipalities mentioned earlier from the new income requirement; however, no concrete action came out of such deliberations. The municipalities filed, through their respective sponsors, individual cityhood bills containing a common proviso exempting them from the new income requirement. The Congress approved the same. Concerned parties protested such laws allowing a “wholesale conversion” of municipalities as being unconstitutional. Decide. 1. Are the cityhood laws valid? 2. The challenged “cities” claim that it was the intent of Congress anyway to grant them exemption from the income requirement, as per the deliberations of the 11th Congress. What became of the cityhood bills and their deliberations that were pending th at the adjournment of the 11 Congress? A: 1. Yes, The 16 cities covered by the Cityhood Laws not only had conversion bills pending during the 11th Congress, but have also complied with the requirem...
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