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Unformatted text preview: elines of the Philippines. ARCHIPELAGIC DOCTRINE Q: What is an Archipelagic State? A: It is a state constituted wholly by one or more archipelagos and may include other islands. Q: What is the Archipelagic Doctrine and where is it found in the 1987 Philippine Constitution? A: It is defined as all waters, around between and connecting different islands belonging to the Philippine Archipelago, irrespective of their width or dimension, are necessary appurtenances of its land territory, forming an integral part of the national or inland waters, subject to the exclusive sovereignty of the Philippines. nd It is found in the 2 sentence of Article 1 of the 1987 Constitution. Q: What does the Archipelagic Doctrine emphasize? A: It emphasizes the unity of the land and waters by defining an archipelago as group of islands surrounded by waters or a body of waters studded with islands. Note: To emphasize unity, an imaginary single baseline is drawn around the islands by joining appropriate points of the outermost islands of the archipelago with straight lines and all islands and waters enclosed within the baseline form part of its territory. Q: What are the purposes of the Archipelagic Doctrine? A: The following are the purposes of the Archipelagic Doctrine: 1. Territorial Integrity 2. National Security 3. Economic reasons Note: The main purpose of the archipelagic doctrine is to protect the territorial interests of an archipelago, that is, to protect the territorial integrity of the archipelago. Without it, there would be “pockets of high seas” between some of our islands and islets, thus foreign vessels would be able to pass through these “pockets of seas” and would have no jurisdiction over them. Accordingly, if we follow the old rule of international law, it is possible that between islands, e.g. Bohol and Siquijor, due to the more than 24 mile distance between the 2 islands, there may be high seas. Thus, foreign vessels may just enter anytime at will, posing danger to the security o...
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